Kako izabrati auto sedište?


Kako izabrati auto sedište?

Things to consider: Car Seats


Car seats. The most important protection of all can be the most confusing. Let’s keep things simple. 


What does my newborn need?


Choosing your baby’s first car seat is everything. You want them to be the most protected they can be. So do we. From day one you’ll need a Group 0+ rear-facing car seat. Also known as an infant carrier, they need to be tough, secure and snug. Choose our Hold or Port 0+ car seats. They’re lightweight, sturdy support units that can also fit on our travel systems. You’re required to bring your newborn home from hospital in a 0+ car seat. 

What happens when they grow?


Our car seats do too. Whatever age, whatever stage we’ve got a car seat to suit. When your growing passenger reaches 9kg it’s time to change up. Choose a Group 1 car seat for up to 18kg or a Group 123 car seat with booster, taking your tot through to a 36kg kid.(Never put a child in a passenger seat fitted with an active front airbag. Airbags are designed to protect adults but can have the opposite effect on children.)


Choosing a car seat?


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Baby Car Seats


Group 0+
Rear facing
Birth - 13kg
(Up to 12/15mths approx)

Lightweight and portable, it is a requirement to have an infant car seat to bring your newborn home from hospital.

Toddler Car Seats


Group 1
Forward facing
9kg - 18kg
(9mths - 4yrs approx)

With extra padding and side impact protection, they are the next stage on from an infant car seat. Featuring adjustable lieback positions for naps and long journeys.

Child Car Seats


Group 2/3
Forward facing
9kg - 36kg
(9mths - 12yrs approx)

These are high back booster seats, in it for the long haul. From height adjustable headrests to extra-cushioned side impact protection - our Group 2/3 car seats offer a variety of features.

Child Car Seats with ISOFIX - for the ultimate fit 'n' go convenience, extra stability and no faff with repeated belting and reinstallation.

Green light testing?


What do your car seats go through before they get the green light? A lot.

Our car seats are burly bodyguards with state-of-the-art safety technology. Not only do we test our car-seats above and beyond EU safety requirements; if a test doesn't exist where we see a need, we invent one. We're working to educate on and eliminate as much road risk as possible


What's an anti-escape system?


Our car seats just got a new extra layer of safety tech. The brand new Cosatto 5 Point Plus System deters determined wrigglers, reducing harness escapes by 90%. Keep your dot fastened in on the roads and the world’s a safer place. 



Hold on isofix base
ISOFIX Insight


ISOFIX is a global standard system for securing child car seats into a car with anchorage points. If you have an ISOFIX anchoring system in your car, then you can fit an ISOFIX car seat or car seat base. ISOFIX is minimal fuss – just simplicity with a satisfying click that lets you know it’s fastened securely.

Universal ISOFIX - 4 points make a car seat Universal ISOFIX.
• Group 1
• Forward Facing
• Top Tether
• ISOFIX Points

Our Hubbub ISOFIX 1/2/3 and Hug ISOFIX 1/2/3 seats have Universal ISOFIX. With the Hold and Port 0+ infant car seat you can use our ISOFIX base (sold separately).

Car Seat Fit Checker
Car Seat Fit Checker


We’ve created this handy fit checker to help you see which Cosatto car seats will fit in your car. It’s super important to choose the right car seat for your vehicle and child as a badly fitting car seat can compromise the safety of the seat.